Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wheee! {365 - Day 19}

This morning we went to the playground.  It was a little chilly, but we bundled up and the sun was kind enough to keep us warm.  Unfortunately, there was not another soul at the playground this morning.  Sarah Beth seriously loves to have some kids around to play with, so this was a disappointment.  Finally, after a while, another family with 2 little boys showed up, but they only stayed for a few minutes - not long enough for SB.  As they were leaving she said, "no, no, stay on the playground and play!"  Poor girl.

She didn't let it get her down though, and we took to the swings after an extended castle-building session in the sandbox.  Nothing lifts your spirits quite like flying through the air with the wind blowing your hair, squealing "wheeeee!" every time you go up towards the sky.  She definitely my day a little brighter!

Day 19 {Canon Elph with a smidge o'Photoshop}

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