Friday, February 22, 2013

Savannah {Charlotte Newborn Photography}

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing brand new Savannah and her parents.  She is the sweetest thing and a very alert and hungry girl the day of her shoot!  I've never had a newborn look at the camera as much as she did.  Maybe she'll be a baby model.  Or at least a fantastic subject for her parents' cameras.  We finished the shoot just as a crazy snowstorm blew out of nowhere.  A rare occurrence here in Charlotte.  Savannah got to see her first snowfall.  Although I think by the time we were done, she was ready for a nap.  Without further she is:


A smile!

One of the cats was ready to pose for the camera.

 This was her Momma's outfit when she was a baby.  Love!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homecoming Chris & Kara {Operation: Love Reunited}

 I love homecomings!  I had the honor of taking photographs a for Chris, a soldier who has been overseas for a year.  He was supposed to come home a few months ago but was shot, delaying his homecoming.  Fortunately, he has recovered and was able to fly home a few weeks ago. Waiting for him was his sweet fiancee Kara, her two adorable children, her sister, and her mom. 
 Ready and waiting.

He's here.

I love this one.  So happy.

Welcome home Chris.  We are so glad you are back safe and sound.

Disclaimer:  The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alyce in One-derland {Charlotte Children's Photographer}

Miss Alyce turned one last week, and her parents had an Alice in Wonderland themed party for her (of course!) Lots of family was in attendance.  This sweet girl had an earache and wasn't quite herself, but she was a trooper and made it all the way through to the cake smashing before naptime.



Well, the cake wasn't a big hit with Alyce, but it was very close to nap time.  I am sure once she woke up she enjoyed it much more.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!