Sunday, January 29, 2012

TP {365 - Day 29}

Unrolling the toilet paper is one of Sarah Beth's favorite pastimes.   Early on I created a monster by dressing her up in TP "gowns" when she did this, wrapping her up like a mummy.  It was cute, but now it's getting a little old, having to re-roll the TP all the time.  And it never goes back on the roll the same way. 

We do remember to bring out a fresh roll when we have company coming over, because we're classy like that, but on any given day, its just a huge wad of half re-rolled TP perched on the back of the commode.  If you've ever had a toddler, you completely understand.

Day 29 {Canon Elph}


  1. i LOVE this. i LOVE this project. I LOVE SB. I miss you guys!