Sunday, January 22, 2012

Piano. {365 - Day 22}

When I was six, my parents bought me a piano.  This very piano you see in the photo below.  I took piano lessons for 13 years, and still love to play.  When Sarah Beth was a baby, I'd prop her up in her bouncy seat and play for her.  I had this little fantasy of playing the piano with her singing along as she grew older, her falling in love with music the way her Mommy did.  I want her to feel that magic I felt as a kid when I could sit down and make music out of those 88 keys.

So that was the fantasy.  The reality is, whenever I play the piano, no matter where Sarah Beth is or what she is doing, she will RUN into the room and scream "No Mommy!  Too LOUD!" and attempt to pry my hands off the keys, directing me to the kitchen where I belong, apparently.  If I fight her and continue to play, she will eventually break down into sobs until I quit.  What the heck?  I know I don't get to practice much, but I didn't think I was that rusty! 

She does enjoy playing herself, as you can see.  But when Mommy sits down at the bench, forget it.   She loves all kinds of music on the stereo, just not Mommy's version, as it seems.  What a blow to my musical heart!  I'm hoping she grows out of this phase soon.  For now I guess I'll just be satisfied to let her play.

Day 22 {Canon Elph + 30 seconds of Photoshop}


  1. why does she look so grown up and where are her pants. wow there elton john junior!!!

  2. Age 3 and under are pants optional in our house.