Monday, January 30, 2012

Sandbox. {365 - Day 30}

We hit the park today so SB could do some serious playing.  She was cooped up yesterday and it wasn't good for any of us!  So, off to the playground we went.  The sandbox is her #1 favorite playground activity and where she spent the afternoon, so it's appropriate for today's photo. 

Note the excavator of doom behind her.  I don't know why they have those things in little kid playgrounds.  I have yet to see a kid who can work the complicated handles properly, but I've seen lots of kids pinch their little fingers in the machinery or get whacked in the head with the heavy metal backhoe thing.  Not a great toy in my opinion.  Sarah Beth likes to make mudpies on the seat and calls it her oven.  Whatever works for her!

Day 30 {Canon Elph}

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