Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outfit. {365 Day 10}

Today we toured a preschool that Sarah Beth may attend this fall.  We brought her along to see how she'd like it.  We were the only ones who brought their kid on the tour, so it was a bunch of adults as we started out.  I think SB thought we were at a doctor's office because her lower lip pouted out and she started to cry.  Pitiful.  Once she saw all the happy kids and the beautiful playground, she perked up and then we had to wrangle her to get her to leave. 

Anyway, I wanted to get a nice picture of her outfit since it was technically her first day at school, even if she didn't enroll yet.  However, (1) I couldn't manage to get my big camera from downstairs and (2) SB thought it was funny to pose for shot then take off running at the last second.  What a little comedienne.  So I had to settle for a grainy iPhone action shot today.

She is in the middle of vigorously pouring a cup of raisins all over her table.  The outfit is a Christmas gift from Grandpa.  He picked out this snappy ensemble all by himself.  Nice job Grandpa!

Day 10 {iPhone}

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