Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tea time. {365 - Day 60}

Did everyone take advantage of their extra day?  We did.  Swimming, baking delicious oatmeal cookies (gluten-free!) and visiting our friends for afternoon tea.

Tea.  Who does that anymore?  Well, we have some cool friends who invited us over for tea and pie, and we were delighted to attend.  Sarah Beth, in particular was excited about the tea party.  She wore her favorite tutu and sparkly hair accessory for the occasion.  She twirled around while the rest of us sat at the table sipping tea and chatting.  A lovely way to spend our "extra" afternoon.

 Day 60 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Play Ball! {365 - Day 59}

Another beautiful day.  Before setting off for the playground this afternoon, Sarah Beth spent a little time playing ball with her Daddy.  Every ball to her right now is called a "basketball" for some reason.  But she kicks it like a soccer ball.  We're not exactly the sportiest family around, but I hope we can clear up this confusion at some point so in the future she doesn't try to catch the soccer ball with her hands during a game like her Mommy has been known to do.

Day 59 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

Monday, February 27, 2012

2 for 1. {365 - Day 58}

Another rainy day.  After a trip to Trader Joe's (surprise surprise,) we did some housework and goofed around with the camera.  I dusted off my 50mm fixed lens that I rarely use for some reason and got my little model to do some posing.  I forgot how fabulous this lens was.  The only downside is it's fixed focal length, meaning I actually have to get up and move instead of letting the zoom do the work.  Oh the horror.

I couldn't decide which image to use today, so you got both.  I usually try to keep multiple photos the same style or do something to tie them together, but one worked so well in color and the other was much nicer in black & white, so there you go.

For the first photo, I was in the middle of preparing dinner and realized it got awfully quiet.  Sure enough, SB was trying to take a nap on the couch.  Oh no, not ruining bedtime tonight, young lady.  So I cranked up the radio and sat her on the kitchen table for a few photos.  That always perks her up.  The second photo was earlier in the day.  SB reading her new Disney princess pop-up book.  I believe this was the Pocahontas page.  I predict that Pocahontas will be headless within 3 days.  Pop-up books don't last long in this house.  My apologies to the Disney princesses.

 Day 58 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sun Day. {365 - Day 57}

A peaceful Sunday.

Day 57 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Party. {365 - Day 56}

We had a big birthday party to go to today - SB's pal Avery turned 3.  Avery lives in Pilot Mountain so we piled in the car and headed north.  We like to take little side trips when we can, so this time we stopped in Mount Airy, you know, the original Mayberry of Andy Griffith fame. 

For whatever reason, I hated that show when I was a kid.  As soon as I heard the telltale whistle of the theme song, I leapt to my feet to change the channel.  (Yes, that was before the remote control existed, can you imagine?)  Anyway, I found it ironic that 30 years later, I'm standing on a street corner in Mayberry, hearing that same theme song playing over a mysterious loudspeaker somewhere. 

Mt. Airy is actually a very cute little town.  I would have taken pictures, but it was FREEZING cold and extremely windy so there was no stopping to stand around for pictures.  We had lunch at a nice little place that was frozen in time circa 1978, then buzzed into the candy shop and bakery.  Candy shop was a winner.  Lots of old-timey candy where you can fill up your basket and buy it by the pound.  The Bakery looked amazing so we bought a few turnovers and some macaroons for gluten-free me, but sadly, they looked much better than they tasted.  Boo.

After all that excitement, we headed to Avery's house for the big event.  It was a gnome themed party, complete with hats, gnome home crafts, and an amazing gnome cake.  Sarah Beth had a blast.  It was almost too crazy for picture-taking, but I managed to snag a few.  Here's a rare quiet moment between Sarah Beth and Avery.  SB had "borrowed" Avery's whistle necklace earlier, and she was kindly returning it to him.

Day 56 {Canon 7D}

Friday, February 24, 2012

Draw. {365 - Day 55}

Um, crazy weather today people.  Tornado watch and all.  We stayed inside most of the day, watching the enormous trees in our yard sway back and forth as a giant dark cloud moved in over the horizon.  After lunch, we broke out the new crayons.  Daddy came up from his office in the basement for some fresh air and got sucked into drawing with SB.

Later, she threw every single one of those crayons on the floor.  Three times.  What is it about kids and tossing stuff on the floor?  She's quite stubborn about picking them up too.  I guess that's how it is when you're 2 1/2.  Good thing she's so cute.

Day 55 {Canon 7D}


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rabbit. {365 - Day 54}

Hello Spring!  What an exquisite day.  We started off with a fun playgroup and finished with a trip to Independence Park.  In between, to balance out all that fresh air, we took a trip to Target.  What does it say about my child that she asked to go to Target instead of the playground?  Maybe it's because I buy her silly things like bunny ears from the dollar bin when we go shopping.  Seriously, only a dollar?  Yes please.  I may have to get a pair in purple too. 

Day 54 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the boudoir. {365 - Day 53}

Whenever Sarah Beth decides to "help" me do something, it usually takes twice as long as it would minus her help. However, it is usually twice as much fun. This is her idea of "helping" me make the bed.   I think a messy bed is a price worth paying for endless 2 year old giggles, don't you?

Day 53 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playground. {365 - Day 52}

Today was an epic day at the playground.  Tons of kids, all of them (well, most of them) wanting to play with Sarah Beth.  She played Star Wars with some 6 year old boys who were nice enough to let her join them even though she didn't know what the heck Star Wars was.  She followed a pack of kids around who were led by a girl with a small dog.  SB gave her major cool points for the dog.  She played in the sand, played in the leaves, played in the dirt.  She was loving it.  So much so, that we stayed over 2 hours.  Mommy even met some nice people to talk to.

Here she is taking a quick raisin break while she enjoys other kids having fun on the swings.

Day 52 {Canon Elph + a bit o'Photoshop}

 Bonus question.  Who in this picture looks like she's having the most fun?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Camden Turns 1. {Children's Photography}

I had a photo session with Camden's family back in November, so I couldn't believe how much Camden has changed in just a few months!  Her hair is much longer and she's already looking more like a little girl and less like a baby.  And what a cute little girl she is!

I met Camden, her Mom, and older brother Zane at the park for Camden's 1 year photos.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and took our time strolling around.  Camden did a wonderful job and big brother Zane was amazingly patient and added a lot of laughs along the way.

Big brother Zane.

Camden was not the biggest fan of the tutu.
  But big brother figured out how to make her laugh.

And then she made us laugh!

Lefty. {365 - Day 51}

We hit Michael's today to pick up some craft supplies and some new crayons, since Sarah Beth's keep "disappearing."  I know I'm going to find a huge arsenal of crayons and other contraband at some point; I just haven't located her hiding place yet.

Back from the store with fresh crayons, we did some drawing.  She's a lefty.  Just like her Momma.  :-)

Day 51 {Canon Elph}

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon {365 - Day 50}

What a washout.  To go from a beautiful sunny 65 degree day yesterday to a freezing cold deluge of rain and sleet is just wrong.  The dogs were as displeased as we were.  The only critters out in the rain were the birds flitting around our newly-filled birdhouse.  Poor Savannah dog could only watch through the sliding glass doors as  they taunted her, splashing around in puddles and dining on birdseed. 

Day 50 {Canon 7D + Photoshop}

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miso Hungry. {365 - Day 49}

Sorry, but a cheesy miso joke had to be done.
Today was a beautiful Saturday!  I had a fun photo session at Freedom Park with the sweetest little girl, her fun big brother and her nice mommy (blog preview coming soon!) Sarah Beth and Kurt came along to the park to play.  Afterwards, we headed over to Rusans for sushi.

We haven't introduced sushi to Sarah Beth yet; she's a little young for that.  But she likes the tempura salmon and LOVES the miso soup.  I'm sure there's enough sodium in one bowl for an entire weekend, but it's an infrequent treat so what the heck.  Here she is lapping it up with her Daddy's help.

Going places with a cute pig-tailed 2 year old pays off.  The sushi chef almost always spoils her and slips her special Japanese chocolates on the way out.  Then she goes to bed and Mommy and Daddy get to eat the rest.  Sssshh...don't tell!

Day 49 {iPhone - Instagram}

Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Buildings. Big Bird. {365 - Day 48}

As promised, SB and I fled the house today as soon as we could get our act together, which ended up being almost lunchtime.  Sarah Beth seemed to feel much better but she still had a runny nose and a wicked cough.  Not wanting to be "That Mom" at the playground (you know, the mom who brings their obviously sick kid to spread germs throughout the park to the horror of other moms,) we decided to stick to the greenway so we could enjoy this beautiful day without striking fear of contagion at the sandbox.

We stopped to take in the view along our walk.  No, I will never get those pigtails straight.  She is doomed to always have uneven, messy tails.  Poor girl.

Day 48 {Canon Elph}

We met this guy along the way.  SB was more interested in picking flowers, but I was fascinated.

After our walk we went to Trader Joe's (of course.)  As we pulled out of the parking deck, I checked my rearview mirror and laughed out loud.  SB had stuck two TJ's stickers on her sunglasses and was just hanging out, nonchalantly sucking her thumb.  She couldn't see a thing.  I had to pull over and snap a quick pic.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legos. {365 - Day 47}

Oh my gosh we've got to get out of the house.  We have been cooped up for three days and cabin fever is setting in. Sarah Beth seems to have recuperated from the croup, so tomorrow we are outta here.  Today, however, we spent coloring, watching "Tangled" for the 24th time, and playing Legos.  She loves the Legos.  I love how they coordinate with my Matisse print in the background.

Day 47 {Canon Elph and a smidge of Photoshop}

P.S. Yes she is wearing a raincoat.  In the house.  She wore it all morning.  Go figure.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Biker Babe. {365 - Day 46}

So Valentine's Day didn't end exactly as I had planned.  Sarah Beth woke up around 11PM with the dreaded croupy cough.  The kind of cough that makes you want to run with your sad baby to the nearest ER.  We steamed her in the bathroom a few times and that seemed to help, but we slept with SB in our bed with all our clothes on in case we needed to hightail it down the street to the hospital. 

Needless to say, today we spent most of the day on the couch.  She is still a little sick, but after a 2 hour nap this afternoon, I thought some fresh air would do her good, especially since it was the most beautiful day ever - 65 degrees and sunny.  Amazing.  She donned her raincoat (her choice) and Kurt pushed her around on her sassy pink tricycle.  Here she is giving me her best bad-girl biker face.

Day 46 {Canon 7D.  Lens flare courtesy of gorgeous sunlight.}

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day. {365 - Day 45}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  We started off with lots of cards and a special home-cooked breakfast.  Then, SB got in her pink tutu and was ready for to celebrate.  There was dancing and castle building and movie watching.  We baked cookies as a special treat for Daddy (and daughter too) and delivered some to our next door neighbor Ms. Ruby.  We finished our evening with yummy enchiladas and a little tequila for Mommy and Daddy.  A perfect Valentine's Day at home.

I think I mentioned her greeting card obsession in a previous post.  Here she is surveying all her valentines.  It doesn't matter who the card was meant for, they all became her cards.

Day 45 {Canon Elph + a touch of Photoshop}

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentine.

  My sweet, silly 2 year old Sarah Beth.  Oh my goodness, do I love her.  Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the photo I talked about in my  Day 27 Post.  I had all these fun props ready for her Valentine photo, but ended up with just this simple sticker she put on her face.  Perfect, since she has stolen my heart completely.

I entered this sweet moment in the I Heart Faces: Hearts photo challenge this week.  Want to see more happy hearts?  Click the link below.

Photo Challenge Submission

Snacktime. {365 - Day 44}

Lazy morning.  Followed by a trip to Target and Trader Joe's.  Note to self:  do not go to Target the day before Valentine's Day.  It was filled to the brim with people wandering around looking for a romantic gift for their mates.  We ran into what looked like a field trip of guys from an office there together for a V-Day run.  It was kind of hilarious watching them consult one another on cards and such.  I guess the ladies in their office shop in advance. 

The highlight of our afternoon was a visit from our cutie-pie neighbor Gavin along with his Mom and baby brother.  Gavin gave Sarah Beth a Valentine.  So cute!  After Valentine exchange and some Lego fun, we moved on to snacktime.   Here's Gavin chugging water as SB figures out how many bunny crackers she can stuff in her mouth at one time.

Day 44 {Canon Elph}

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bundled Up. {365 - Day 43}

What do you do on a sunny 40 degree day?  Go to the playground and get ice cream of course.  After yesterday's debacle, we thought a normal, outdoor, on the ground playground would be a better choice. We bundled up in hats and winter coats and headed to a nearby park.  It was the first time all season I had to wear a heavy coat, so I shouldn't complain, but dang it was cold out! 

Not that SB noticed.  She played and played, holding on to the cold metal playground equipment with her bare hands, not minding a bit as the wind whipped through us.  When Kurt finally wrangled her back to the car, she said "I need ice cream!"  Well, ok.  I would have gone with hot chocolate, but she knew the ice cream parlor was just around the corner, so off we went to freeze our insides as much as our outsides.

Today's photo is of my bundled up husband against an impossibly clear blue sky.

Day 43 {Canon Elph +Photoshop}

 Not to be outdone, here's a bonus shot of SB in the pink version of her Daddy's outfit.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Temple of Doom. {365 - Day 42}

It was freezing cold and windy today, but we had to get out of the house.  Kurt came up with the idea of going to "Plaza Fiesta" down south by Carowinds.  We've never been there before, but it has a big indoor playground that sounded like something right up Sarah Beth's alley.

"Plaza Fiesta" reminded me of a mall version of South of the Border.  Anyone on the eastern seaboard who has taken a trip on I-95 knows all about the tacky tourist trap that advertises on hundreds of billboards from Pennsylvania to Florida.  Plaza Fiesta has all the tackiness of SOTB in a climate-controlled environment.

The main attraction for us was the playground area.  As we turned the corner and saw it, all I thought to myself was, Dear God, this is my worst nightmare.  4 stories of chutes and ladders brought to life, with what seemed like hundreds of screaming kids (and screaming parents) milling about like mice in a maze.  It was a trifecta of phobias for me:  noisy crowds, heights, and enclosed spaces.  Sarah Beth, on the other hand, couldn't wait to jump in.

I told Kurt he was on point for this adventure and kept my feet safely on the ground as my 2 year old climbed all over the place, fighting off kids twice her size.  She loved it.  We had to literally drag her away crying when we left.  I won't be back, but Kurt thought it was awesome.  Sounds like a future Daddy-Daughter date to me.

 Day 42 {Canon Elph}

Full view of the Temple of Doom. ((shudder!))
 The only shot I could get of the great explorer heading up to the top.
 One word.  Awesome.

 Kurt did not buy these shoes, but he did buy a nice western shirt.  After browsing around, we headed home and Sarah Beth of course fell asleep in the car.  Which means she's still up now at 10:20 PM.  Sigh.  Thankfully, we cooked a nice dinner and had a few glasses of wine which is helping.

Here's one last photo of our day.  After dinner arts & crafts.  Kurt tracing SB's hand on paper to make turkey-hands.  Love.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Stuck. {365 - Day 41}

This is what happens when you give a 2 1/2 year old a whole sheet of stickers.  The stickers were a reward for not tearing up the Hallmark store yesterday.  Today  she sat me down very seriously and proceeded to cover my face with stickers with as much concentration and attention to detail as any professional make-up artist.

When she was satisfied with her handiwork, she gave a brief smile, then trotted off to play with something else.  Leaving me looking utterly ridiculous.  I corralled her back for a quick snapshot.  By the way, this was 3 in the afternoon and she was still in her PJs.  She had no interest in getting dressed today, so for the first time ever, I think, I let her lounge in her footie pajamas all day.  I did put her into fresh pajamas tonight after bathtime.  A mom has to have some standards, after all.  Even when she looks like this.

Day 41 {Canon Elph}

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You've Got Mail. {365 - Day 40}

I did the impossible today.  I took my 2 year old to the Hallmark store and made it out with no casualties.  Sarah Beth loves greeting cards, so taking her to Hallmark is like Mecca for her.  As much as she loves cards, her true joy is derived from destroying them by ripping, drawing on them or whatever else her devious toddler brain can invent.  Imagine my stress level when walking in the store hoping to buy 2 birthday cards and valentines for Daddy.  I had to bribe her with stickers and allow her to carry the cards of her choosing, but we survived and she even had a "thank you" and "see ya" for the lady at the register.

The next challenge was the post office.  As I stood at the stamp machine, she cut loose and ran for the post office boxes.  Some opened for her which was the greatest discovery ever, so she took to SLAM SLAM slamming the doors until I could snatch her up.  I'm sure the people behind me in line appreciated me stopping to take this photo but it was a cool shot, so I couldn't pass it up.

Day 40 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sick. Sort-of. {365 - Day 39}

I mentioned yesterday that our girl SB was not feeling so hot.  Well after a restless night in Mommy's bed (and no sleep for Mommy), she woke up sick.  Boo. It took an hour or two of snuggle time on the couch before she rallied and started requesting yogurt, cereal, toast, etc for breakfast.  Yay!  She played all day but then crashed on the couch around 4 and slept 'til 7PM (see below.)  Boo.  That means she'll be up all night. And so will the rest of us.  Boo again.  At least she's feeling better.  One more day of quarantine and I think we'll be back to normal around here.

 iPhone {instagram}

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sad Face. {365 - Day 38}

Sarah Beth was a bit whiny this morning which is unusual.  She wanted to sit on the couch and watch "Classical Baby" this afternoon, but I persuaded her to go to the playground.  She pepped up and plunged feet first into the sandbox for some messy playtime.  After 20 minutes though, she stopped and just sat there sucking her thumb, looking at me.  (Ick! ick! Sandy thumb in mouth!)  I scooped her up and sat her on the picnic table to apply hand sanitizer and see if she wanted a snack.  No.  No snack, no water, just more thumb and the saddest face ever.

Playtime over, we headed to Trader Joes for a quick stop.  I knew something was drastically wrong when she turned down free samples AND stickers.  Uh-oh.  She fell asleep on the way home and took a long nap on the couch.  I sure hope she's not getting ill.  It's awful when our little ray of sunshine is sick.  The only good thing that comes out of it is lots of extra snuggle time.  Keeping our fingers crossed she sleeps well tonight and wakes up feeling her usual smiley self!

Day 38 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

Gage. {Newborn Photography}

On Day 21 of my 365 project, I shared some photos of this little guy in the hospital when he was just 2 days old.  A few weeks later, here he is, as sweet as he can be!   This was not a typical newborn photo session, as I had my daughter Sarah Beth with me to play with Gage's big brother Gavin.  Despite 2 squealing toddlers, we managed to capture some beautiful photos of this precious boy as he slept peacefully amongst the chaos. I am so glad that Gage lives right across the street so I can go over and squeeze his little cheeks regularly!