Monday, January 23, 2012

Trader Joe's {365 - Day 23}

We love Trader Joe's.   I feel like I'm there every other day.  We are obsessed with their plantain chips, cereal, chocolate and cheap avocados.  Sarah Beth likes it for the free samples.  Oh and the stickers.  As soon as we pull in the parking deck, she shouts, "I try it!" referring to the free samples, followed by "Stickers please!"  She's very polite with her demands.

Today the nice lady checking us out gave her a whole bouquet of flower stickers.  She immediately got to work decorating the shopping cart. By the time we got to the car, she had at least a dozen stickers neatly planted in a row, which I subsequently had to peel off one by one in the freezing cold so she could transport them home with her.

We find TJ's stickers all over our house, in the car, on the bottom of our shoes, in Sarah Beth's's like a never-ending Easter egg hunt. I am guessing I'll discover a whole garden of flower stickers tomorrow behind her door or maybe stuck to her bedpost.  You never know where creativity may strike.  As long as it keeps her happy at the grocery store, I won't complain. Thanks Trader Joe's!

Day 23 {Canon Elph}

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