Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lizard {365 - Day 25}

We started off the day with swim lessons.  Sarah Beth has been going for a year now and she loves it. Mommy gets a little tired of getting in the pool every week, but it's worth it to see her swimming underwater like a guppy.  Her favorite part of the lesson is going down the water slide and splashing into the pool.  She talks about it all week. 

Well, today she went rogue on me and jumped out of the pool, hopping up the steps to the top of the slide.  I jumped up after her and caught her before she took the plunge, but it was close.  2 year olds move quick and are slippery when wet.

After swim lessons, we headed home to find a very green lizard sunning himself on the wall of our house.  He and another lizard friend were hanging out enjoying the nice weather, so we stood there for a while watching and snapping a few photos.  He didn't seem to mind.

Day 25 {Canon Elph with a little Photoshop'd contrast}

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