Friday, January 13, 2012

Attention Target Shoppers. {365 - Day 13}

Today we had a busy day at the Toy Store, Salsaritas, and Target.  Say what you want about fast food Mexican, but Salsaritas has the best black beans ever. Sarah Beth ate the whole bowl without dropping one bean on her white shirt.  That's saying a lot.  

On the way to Target, SB fell asleep in the car.  Hard core, snoring, drooling kind of sleep.  I hated waking her up to drag her into Target, but it had to be done.  She perked up quickly and enjoyed her Target shopping experience as usual, but you'd never guess it from this picture in the parking deck.

Day 13 {Canon Elph and a smidge of Photoshop}

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  1. wait, did you say deck? your target has a parking deck? really?? no way!