Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ice Cream. {365 - Day 7}

What better way to spend the warmest January day I can recall than with ice cream?  Sarah Beth though so too.

Her cold seemed to have faded today so we went to a park for some fresh air.   I took her to Edgehill park in the swanky neighborhood by the Duke Mansion because no one ever uses that playground.  In case she was still contagious, I didn't want her spreading her germs to other kids.  Sure enough, no one was there except two couples enjoying a little romance over lattes in the park, so the playground was all ours.

After playtime, we stopped in at Elizabeth Creamery for some delicious homemade frozen deliciousness.  Ice cream for her, Sherbet for me.  About halfway through, she stole my cone and ate it like it was her job.

Day 7 {Canon Elph with a little photoshop}

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  1. i am so enjoying this little project. i really wanted to join you, but i forgot to take a picture on day 3. DRAT!