Monday, January 9, 2012

Groceries. {365 - Day 9}

For Christmas, Sarah Beth received a play kitchen and assorted pots and pans.  We also gave her a set of play food.  I liked the wooden toys better than the plastic - I thought they looked nicer and would hold up better.  Little did I know that they would become Weapons of Mass Destruction in our house.

The round food objects such as the orange and lemon are dangerous projectiles in the hands of a spunky 2.5 year old.  Not to mention the ramifications of accidentally stepping on one of these objects.  If we're lucky, we'll escape with only twisted ankles. 

The other thing I didn't think through was the noise.  Wood blocks are loud, even when painted in clever food-like disguises.  Dropped repeatedly on  hardwood floors or slammed down on her table, it's enough to make a grown adult reach for the Excedrin Migraine.  My advice for other parents is to buy plastic.

She does love them, though.  And when not knocking them to the ground or hurling them at her increasingly agile parents, she spends hours organizing and displaying her groceries.  She's got a future in retail.  Here is her latest showpiece on her windowsill.

Day 9 {Canon 7D with Photoshop just for fun}

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  1. beautiful!! it really is the little things right??