Monday, January 16, 2012

Four Eyes. {365 - Day 16}

Sarah Beth got a Mr. Potato Head for Christmas from her cousins.  This toy wasn't even on my radar as something a 2 year old would like, but boy does she love Mr. 'Tay-to as she lovingly calls him.
Mr. Tato came with 40, count 'em, 40 pieces.  I find eyeballs, ears, and noses all over the house.  We started putting Mr. Tato "to bed" at night in the closet with all this pieces so we could get a break from the carnage left in his path.  Her favorite potato accessory is the glasses.  As you can see, she thinks they look great on herself as well.

Day 16 {Canon Elph with some Photoshop for pizazz}

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