Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sweet Dreams {365 - Day 11}

It was pouring rain most of the day.  The perfect day for a nap, as far as Sarah Beth was concerned.  Our dear daughter gave up her daily nap when she turned two, so this is a rare occasion.  While it's lovely to have a few hours during the day to get some things done while she sleeps, I knew we would be in for it when it came to bedtime.

Sure enough, I can hear her banging around upstairs with Daddy right now and it's 10 PM.  She drifted off to sleep an hour ago during my fifth recitation of Good Night Moon, but reemerged 10 minutes later ready to party.  I am now hearing what sounds like 200 legos hitting the floor.  It's going to be a long night...

Day 11 {Canon 7D with a B&W conversion in Photoshop}

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  1. this might be my favorite picture ever. I LOVE IT!