Monday, January 2, 2012

Thanks Bradley Davis. {365 - Day 2}

My husband and I made a pact this year that we are going to get ourselves exercising regularly, and that each day, at least ONE of us will get an hour of exercise.  Today was my day.  I've been meaning to rejoin the Y but hadn't gotten around to it yet, so I braved the cold and hit the Greenway that goes by the Trader Joe's shopping pavilion.  I couldn't find my headphones and I'm one of those people that can't exercise without music, so I stopped in at Staples to grab some cheap headphones along with some CD labels and printer ink that I desperately needed.

I ran back to the car to stash everything in the trunk and open up my headphones, when low and behold I encountered the packaging from hell.  The packaging for these $5 headphones could seriously have withstood nuclear attack.  Talk about overkill.  I stood at the back of my car fighting the plastic for at least 5 minutes while waving off a dozen cars stopping to stalk my coveted parking space in front of Trader Joe's.  Finally, I gave up and got my husband's army knife out of the glove box and stabbed the thing to death until it opened.

Not a good start to my first walk of 2012.  Already discouraged, I plugged them into my iPhone and headed for the greenway.  After about 5 minutes I realized the stupid headphones were annoying the crud out of my ears and giving me a headache.  After all that work!  I was supremely frustrated and about to quit my walk altogether, when I saw this quote engraved in the pavement.  I decided it should be my Day 2 photo since it inspired me to have a more positive attitude for the rest of the day.

Day 2 {iPhone with a touch of Photoshop}

The quote is attributed to Bradley W. Davis; his name is hidden by the shadow of the lamp post.  I don't know who that is, but I appreciated the positivity today!

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