Friday, January 27, 2012

Chucks and Tutu. {365 - Day 27}

I enlisted SB to model for the photo on my Valentine card that I'll be sending clients.  I dressed her up in appropriate Valentine regalia - red Chucks, purple striped socks, hot pink tutu and pigtails.  I armed her with cute valentine-themed pinwheels (DIY pack at Target for 5 bucks - too cute!) 

I took at least a zillion photos of her bopping around in her tutu, playing with her pinwheels, looking as Valentine-y as she could be.  The photo I ended up choosing was a beautiful extreme close-up of her face.  No shoes, no tutu, no pinwheels.  Remind me of this the next time I go overboard on styling. Here's one of the outtakes.  Don't you love a kid in a pair of Converse?

Day 27 {Canon 7D}

P.S.  Remember our Lizard from Day 25?  Guess who showed up in our laundry room hallway tonight?  Yep.  He must've come in through the dryer vent.  He is very lucky I found him first before our dogs did!  My husband scooped him up in a box and set him free after close inspection from Sarah Beth.  Hopefully he's learned his lesson and will stay outside from now on.


  1. This is such a cute shot. I am not that good at styling. Love that you had a fun time though. So sweet!

    1. Thanks! We had lots of fun. Especially her - who doesn't like to rock a tutu? :)