Friday, January 20, 2012

Boat. {365 - Day 20}

Yesterday our across the street neighbors welcomed a new little boy into the world.  This bundle of cuteness is little brother to Sarah Beth's playmate Gavin.  SB adores Gavin and looks across the street all the time talking about him.

There was someone in their yard today installing one of those new baby signs, like a stork but this one wasn't a stork, it was a boat.  Very cute.  Anyway, Sarah Beth was fixated on what was going on in Gavin's yard when I snapped this photo.  "Boat Mommy!  Gavin has a boat across the street!"  She is very observant.

I can't wait to meet Gavin's little brother tomorrow.  Hmm...wonder what my photo of the day might be?

Day 20 {Canon 7D with B&W conversion in Photoshop}


  1. This picture is so sweet and adorable. Love it.

  2. Love SB! She is perfect In the window