Thursday, January 5, 2012

P-Day. {365 - Day 5}

Today is "P-Day"at our house.  D-Day for Potty Training.  Sarah Beth tried on her big girl underwear for the first time and we spent the day in lockdown trying to grasp the concept of the potty.  I've read about these people who potty train their kid in a day or two and after today, I cannot imagine how they are doing it.  We were 0 for 8 today.  I don't know who was more exhausted, me or SB.

I took these shots during lunch.  Greek yogurt with fruit. Deep in thought.

Day 5 {Canon 7D with a quick BW conversion in Photoshop}

If anyone has any tried and true potty training tips, please share!  Otherwise, send wine (for me) and stain remover.  It's going to be a long weekend!  ;-)


  1. God bless you both!!
    Love Grandma

  2. hang in there. avery has pooped in the potty ONCE and he is almost 3! girls are quicker than boys. you will probably have it down by friday!