Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brrr. {365 - Day 3}

Can I first say holy cow it was cold out today in Charlotte!  I headed out to a dentist appointment this morning and nearly froze waiting for the car to heat up.  Thank goodness for heated seats.  The frigid temperature squashed any hope of taking my daughter Sarah Beth to the park today, so we were stuck inside to entertain ourselves.

She has a dozen new toys from Christmas, but today she pulled out the old alphabet blocks to play one of her favorite games - Build and Destroy.  She may be one of the only 2 year olds at the playground who yells "Destroy!!" when she crushes her sandcastle.  Pretty humorous.  Anyway, I snagged this shot while she was in the "build" phase.  Notice the deep concentration.

Day 3 {Canon 7D with lots o' Photoshop}

I had to even her skin out a little because 5 minutes before this she whacked her head on the bedframe as she was reaching for her blocks.  There was crying.  I happened to be videotaping as she did this, and thought it would be funny to show her the video of her whacking her head.  The lower lip pout appeared and she started crying all over again.  She did not find it so funny, apparently.  Oops.

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