Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue eyes and Boo boos. {Life}

I met our neighbors at the park this afternoon for playtime and some pictures of this beautiful blue-eyed boy.  Sweet Gage is turning one this month. 

While we were busy snapping pictures, Gage's older brother Gavin and Sarah Beth were busy taking advantage of unseasonably warm shorts and t-shirt weather and running around the playground.  Inevitably, the first day of shorts leads to the first skinned knee of the year.  Gavin was very concerned about Sarah Beth's knee.

We fixed it up with a band-aid and she was feeling better.

Just to make sure, Gavin kissed her boo boo.

And gave her a hug.  Sarah Beth is not always thrilled with Gavin's hugs.  
She likes to play hard to get.  ;-)

It didn't slow them down long and it was back to the playground for more fun!