Thursday, February 9, 2012

You've Got Mail. {365 - Day 40}

I did the impossible today.  I took my 2 year old to the Hallmark store and made it out with no casualties.  Sarah Beth loves greeting cards, so taking her to Hallmark is like Mecca for her.  As much as she loves cards, her true joy is derived from destroying them by ripping, drawing on them or whatever else her devious toddler brain can invent.  Imagine my stress level when walking in the store hoping to buy 2 birthday cards and valentines for Daddy.  I had to bribe her with stickers and allow her to carry the cards of her choosing, but we survived and she even had a "thank you" and "see ya" for the lady at the register.

The next challenge was the post office.  As I stood at the stamp machine, she cut loose and ran for the post office boxes.  Some opened for her which was the greatest discovery ever, so she took to SLAM SLAM slamming the doors until I could snatch her up.  I'm sure the people behind me in line appreciated me stopping to take this photo but it was a cool shot, so I couldn't pass it up.

Day 40 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}

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