Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Party. {365 - Day 56}

We had a big birthday party to go to today - SB's pal Avery turned 3.  Avery lives in Pilot Mountain so we piled in the car and headed north.  We like to take little side trips when we can, so this time we stopped in Mount Airy, you know, the original Mayberry of Andy Griffith fame. 

For whatever reason, I hated that show when I was a kid.  As soon as I heard the telltale whistle of the theme song, I leapt to my feet to change the channel.  (Yes, that was before the remote control existed, can you imagine?)  Anyway, I found it ironic that 30 years later, I'm standing on a street corner in Mayberry, hearing that same theme song playing over a mysterious loudspeaker somewhere. 

Mt. Airy is actually a very cute little town.  I would have taken pictures, but it was FREEZING cold and extremely windy so there was no stopping to stand around for pictures.  We had lunch at a nice little place that was frozen in time circa 1978, then buzzed into the candy shop and bakery.  Candy shop was a winner.  Lots of old-timey candy where you can fill up your basket and buy it by the pound.  The Bakery looked amazing so we bought a few turnovers and some macaroons for gluten-free me, but sadly, they looked much better than they tasted.  Boo.

After all that excitement, we headed to Avery's house for the big event.  It was a gnome themed party, complete with hats, gnome home crafts, and an amazing gnome cake.  Sarah Beth had a blast.  It was almost too crazy for picture-taking, but I managed to snag a few.  Here's a rare quiet moment between Sarah Beth and Avery.  SB had "borrowed" Avery's whistle necklace earlier, and she was kindly returning it to him.

Day 56 {Canon 7D}

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  1. don't you mean avery was violently ripping it from her neck and you are just being nice?? i am so glad you guys came. we are coming to see you on the first nice weekend so we can play outside!