Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentine.

  My sweet, silly 2 year old Sarah Beth.  Oh my goodness, do I love her.  Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the photo I talked about in my  Day 27 Post.  I had all these fun props ready for her Valentine photo, but ended up with just this simple sticker she put on her face.  Perfect, since she has stolen my heart completely.

I entered this sweet moment in the I Heart Faces: Hearts photo challenge this week.  Want to see more happy hearts?  Click the link below.

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Adorable entry.Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones!

  2. Such a beautiful shot. I love the close up, and those eye lashes, and the hazy light in the background.

  3. Look at those lashes! What an adorable shot.

  4. I love this so beautiful, nice shot, great framing!!

  5. Love her eyelashes.....