Saturday, February 11, 2012

Temple of Doom. {365 - Day 42}

It was freezing cold and windy today, but we had to get out of the house.  Kurt came up with the idea of going to "Plaza Fiesta" down south by Carowinds.  We've never been there before, but it has a big indoor playground that sounded like something right up Sarah Beth's alley.

"Plaza Fiesta" reminded me of a mall version of South of the Border.  Anyone on the eastern seaboard who has taken a trip on I-95 knows all about the tacky tourist trap that advertises on hundreds of billboards from Pennsylvania to Florida.  Plaza Fiesta has all the tackiness of SOTB in a climate-controlled environment.

The main attraction for us was the playground area.  As we turned the corner and saw it, all I thought to myself was, Dear God, this is my worst nightmare.  4 stories of chutes and ladders brought to life, with what seemed like hundreds of screaming kids (and screaming parents) milling about like mice in a maze.  It was a trifecta of phobias for me:  noisy crowds, heights, and enclosed spaces.  Sarah Beth, on the other hand, couldn't wait to jump in.

I told Kurt he was on point for this adventure and kept my feet safely on the ground as my 2 year old climbed all over the place, fighting off kids twice her size.  She loved it.  We had to literally drag her away crying when we left.  I won't be back, but Kurt thought it was awesome.  Sounds like a future Daddy-Daughter date to me.

 Day 42 {Canon Elph}

Full view of the Temple of Doom. ((shudder!))
 The only shot I could get of the great explorer heading up to the top.
 One word.  Awesome.

 Kurt did not buy these shoes, but he did buy a nice western shirt.  After browsing around, we headed home and Sarah Beth of course fell asleep in the car.  Which means she's still up now at 10:20 PM.  Sigh.  Thankfully, we cooked a nice dinner and had a few glasses of wine which is helping.

Here's one last photo of our day.  After dinner arts & crafts.  Kurt tracing SB's hand on paper to make turkey-hands.  Love.


  1. omg, i hate this playland in a way i can't even describe. the first picture literally loosened my bowels. i had to read the rest of this post from the toilet. please never mention this place to greg and avery. i will show greg this last picture and tell him it was a one picture post.

    gracious alive, i cannot believe such a place exists. the one at chick-fil-a makes me so nervous i smell when we leave. my Secret is powerless against the tons of sweat my body makes while avery is in there. 4 stories. ugh!!

  2. p.s. my secret word was pionas. as in i was sweating my pionas off the whole time i was reading that post!