Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Buildings. Big Bird. {365 - Day 48}

As promised, SB and I fled the house today as soon as we could get our act together, which ended up being almost lunchtime.  Sarah Beth seemed to feel much better but she still had a runny nose and a wicked cough.  Not wanting to be "That Mom" at the playground (you know, the mom who brings their obviously sick kid to spread germs throughout the park to the horror of other moms,) we decided to stick to the greenway so we could enjoy this beautiful day without striking fear of contagion at the sandbox.

We stopped to take in the view along our walk.  No, I will never get those pigtails straight.  She is doomed to always have uneven, messy tails.  Poor girl.

Day 48 {Canon Elph}

We met this guy along the way.  SB was more interested in picking flowers, but I was fascinated.

After our walk we went to Trader Joe's (of course.)  As we pulled out of the parking deck, I checked my rearview mirror and laughed out loud.  SB had stuck two TJ's stickers on her sunglasses and was just hanging out, nonchalantly sucking her thumb.  She couldn't see a thing.  I had to pull over and snap a quick pic.

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