Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playground. {365 - Day 52}

Today was an epic day at the playground.  Tons of kids, all of them (well, most of them) wanting to play with Sarah Beth.  She played Star Wars with some 6 year old boys who were nice enough to let her join them even though she didn't know what the heck Star Wars was.  She followed a pack of kids around who were led by a girl with a small dog.  SB gave her major cool points for the dog.  She played in the sand, played in the leaves, played in the dirt.  She was loving it.  So much so, that we stayed over 2 hours.  Mommy even met some nice people to talk to.

Here she is taking a quick raisin break while she enjoys other kids having fun on the swings.

Day 52 {Canon Elph + a bit o'Photoshop}

 Bonus question.  Who in this picture looks like she's having the most fun?


  1. omg, love her so much. is that cute dog wearing a coat? say yes!

    1. YES! Orange ski vest on the dog. Priceless.