Monday, February 13, 2012

Snacktime. {365 - Day 44}

Lazy morning.  Followed by a trip to Target and Trader Joe's.  Note to self:  do not go to Target the day before Valentine's Day.  It was filled to the brim with people wandering around looking for a romantic gift for their mates.  We ran into what looked like a field trip of guys from an office there together for a V-Day run.  It was kind of hilarious watching them consult one another on cards and such.  I guess the ladies in their office shop in advance. 

The highlight of our afternoon was a visit from our cutie-pie neighbor Gavin along with his Mom and baby brother.  Gavin gave Sarah Beth a Valentine.  So cute!  After Valentine exchange and some Lego fun, we moved on to snacktime.   Here's Gavin chugging water as SB figures out how many bunny crackers she can stuff in her mouth at one time.

Day 44 {Canon Elph}

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