Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kids. {365 - Day 36}

We drove up to Cornelius today to meet our friend Chris and his family for lunch. Kurt and Chris have been friends since they were 18.  He has two great kids who are so sweet with Sarah Beth.  As a surprise, Chris's Dad brought a CD of an old video Kurt and Chris made for college film class 20 years ago.  It was an ode to mountain biking set to music.  Complete with awesome early 90s soundtrack, fanny packs, and bad fashion.  My dear husband had crazy long hair.  It was pure vintage awesomeness. 

After lunch, we stopped by a park for a few minutes until the grown-ups couldn't stand the cold any longer.   SB had a great time running around with the "big kids"and I'm sure didn't even notice the chilly, damp weather.  She always seems to bring her own sunshine with her.

Day 36 {Canon Elph}

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  1. Please post this video of Kurt ASAP! --Jessica