Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bundled Up. {365 - Day 43}

What do you do on a sunny 40 degree day?  Go to the playground and get ice cream of course.  After yesterday's debacle, we thought a normal, outdoor, on the ground playground would be a better choice. We bundled up in hats and winter coats and headed to a nearby park.  It was the first time all season I had to wear a heavy coat, so I shouldn't complain, but dang it was cold out! 

Not that SB noticed.  She played and played, holding on to the cold metal playground equipment with her bare hands, not minding a bit as the wind whipped through us.  When Kurt finally wrangled her back to the car, she said "I need ice cream!"  Well, ok.  I would have gone with hot chocolate, but she knew the ice cream parlor was just around the corner, so off we went to freeze our insides as much as our outsides.

Today's photo is of my bundled up husband against an impossibly clear blue sky.

Day 43 {Canon Elph +Photoshop}

 Not to be outdone, here's a bonus shot of SB in the pink version of her Daddy's outfit.

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