Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy {365 - Day 32}

Happy February!  I realize that this year is a leap year, so I'm wondering if I should change my project name to the 366 day project.  Hmmm. 

Today was Kurt's birthday.  We just got back from an amazing and overindulgent dinner at Fiamma with some good friends.  I am so full that I can barely type these words, but I'm going to power through and get this post out before I collapse for the night.

The day started off with Sarah Beth handing out cards to her Daddy and singing "Happy Birthday Cake!" over and over.  Daddy took the day off to hang out with us, so we all went to swim lessons.  Sarah Beth showed off big time for her Daddy, splashing around and screaming "I'm swimming Daddy!" so that everyone at the pool could hear.  After a quick trip to Target, we stopped by Independence Park for some playtime.  I barely got her to sit still enough for this photo with her handsome Daddy.  Happy Birthday Kurt.  We love you!

Day 32 {Canon Elph + Photoshop}


  1. happy birthday kurt, we love you to the moon and back. Team Linkous!

  2. This picture is beautiful. I hope he has a wonderful year : )