Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miso Hungry. {365 - Day 49}

Sorry, but a cheesy miso joke had to be done.
Today was a beautiful Saturday!  I had a fun photo session at Freedom Park with the sweetest little girl, her fun big brother and her nice mommy (blog preview coming soon!) Sarah Beth and Kurt came along to the park to play.  Afterwards, we headed over to Rusans for sushi.

We haven't introduced sushi to Sarah Beth yet; she's a little young for that.  But she likes the tempura salmon and LOVES the miso soup.  I'm sure there's enough sodium in one bowl for an entire weekend, but it's an infrequent treat so what the heck.  Here she is lapping it up with her Daddy's help.

Going places with a cute pig-tailed 2 year old pays off.  The sushi chef almost always spoils her and slips her special Japanese chocolates on the way out.  Then she goes to bed and Mommy and Daddy get to eat the rest.  Sssshh...don't tell!

Day 49 {iPhone - Instagram}

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