Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Other Big Apple. {365 - Day 245}

This weekend is the North Carolina Apple Festival in Hendersonville.  The crazy weather this season wreaked havoc on the apple crop and nearly 80% was lost.  However, that did not stop everyone and their grandmother from crowding the streets downtown for the 66th annual event.

Day 245 {Canon 7D}

We got there at 10AM and the streets were already packed.  Sarah Beth spied the kiddie rides right away, and next thing I knew I was cramming my knees into a tiny "basket" and spinning around in the air with her on a balloon ride.  SB did not love it, but it didn't stop her from getting on the the next ride, with Mommy in tow, of course.  Ride number two was made up of 4 giant strawberries that spun around.  You could spin your own strawberry with a wheel in the middle.  We ended up in a berry with 4 other giggly girls who wanted to spin FAST.  I quickly discovered I am too old for FAST.  Sarah Beth is a little too young, apparently, because she gripped my arm while whimpering and mumbling "slow down" over and over.   No more spinning rides until she is "this tall" and can go solo!

We attempted to walk around a bit, but it was so crowded that pushing a stroller was nearly impossible.  We managed to grab an apple pie to go and headed out before it got too crazy.  Sarah Beth had some for dessert tonight and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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