Saturday, September 22, 2012

Festival. {365 - Day 266}

Whenever we hear of a festival occurring, my husband rolls his eyes because he knows I'll want to go.  He doesn't like the hassle of big crowds of people wandering slowly through lines of tents and food trucks, especially when we've got a stroller to push.  I on the other hand, love checking out the vendors, the entertainment, and most of all, the people watching.

Day 266 {Canon 7D + photoshop}

I somehow convinced him to go to Festival in the Park this morning.  Not sure how in the world that happened.  He was up really late after filming last night so maybe he was still half-asleep.  Anyway, we got there before it got too crowded.  We were greeted by a little 8 or 9 year old girl singing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" at the kids stage.  Not exactly what I'd pick for a little kid, but she was actually pretty good.

We strolled around the lake past the vendors and the food carts, salivating over the smell of every fried food imaginable.  On to the "Family Fun Zone" to check out the rides.  Most of them were a little too big for Sarah Beth.  We watched a little train whip some toddlers around in circle, one boy in particular screaming his head off by the second go round.  We decided to skip the train ride.

It started getting hot so we decided to bail out and hit Showmar's for lunch, rather than stand in line for corn dogs.  Not as fun as food on a stick, but probably a little more heart healthy.

A friend of Kurt's called to see if we wanted to meet them back at the festival this evening to listen to a band.  Once again, I am shocked that Kurt would even consider this.  In fact,  I better get going in case he really has lost his mind and wants to back to the festival again.  Twice in the same day would be monumental.

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