Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Turtles. {365 - Day 257}

I got up early to see the sun rise and take pictures.  Getting out there around 6:35, I watched the sun creep up over the horizon, setting the sky on fire.  Then I watched it fizzle out behind a cloudy thick grey sky.  What a let down.

As I was walking back to the house, thinking about the extra sleep I could have had, I saw a few people gathered around on the beach looking down.  Then I saw them.  Baby sea turtles! 

Day 257 {Canon 5D Mark III}

They were so small!  And yes, I think they were about the cutest things ever.  The crowd of people was cheering them on as they scooted themselves across the beach towards the ocean.  They looked even smaller as they were enveloped by such big waves, but they seemed so sure of themselves.

To give you perspective, this is how small they are...see in the blue circle?  That's a baby turtle!

Hello little guy.

 Good luck little turtle!

It was a once in a lifetime moment to watch these little guys overcome a gauntlet of obstacles to meet their destiny at sea.  It's amazing how they are born knowing just what to do.  Somehow, I found these tiny turtles inspiring.  I felt blessed to see it.  Maybe if the sunrise was more spectacular, I wouldn't have walked back in time.  Everything happens for a reason.

Looking back at the photos, the sunrise was still pretty breathtaking, too.

As if our day couldn't have been luckier, Kurt spied a rainbow from our deck 
and we all rushed out in time to see it.  Beautiful.

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