Friday, September 7, 2012

Local Food and Fun. {365 - Day 251}

Today, our playgroup met at Atherton Market.  One of our playgroup moms, JC, is a strong supporter of local food (check out her blog What House Wife for local food tips.)  She had the fabulous idea of meeting at the local market and had it all arranged.  The kids had fun with arts and crafts, local snacks, and storytime on the trolley.

Day 251 {Canon 5D Mark III}

We couldn't leave the market without a treat for Sarah Beth.  And I don't mean these shiny apples.  SB had her sights set on the Cardais Gourmet booth.  She knows exactly where to go to find delicious homemade treats.  We came come with an amazing Maple cupcake (gluten-free!) and some equally dazzling chocolate fudge.  Next time, I'll try to sneak some fruit and veggies in too. 

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