Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fishing. {365 - Day 263}

We took a walk late this afternoon along the greenway and met this guy who was fishing for his dinner.  Every time I see one of these beautiful birds,  I stop and stare for at least a few minutes. He didn't seem to mind.  Just kept doing his thing.  I never see anyone else stopping, I guess other people have places to be, but I am fascinated.

Day 263 {iPhone + photoshop}

Sarah Beth was mildly interested but was mostly focused on convincing us we needed to stop for pizza.  No whining, just using logical arguments and some negotiation skills. She won out in the end, too.  Calm persistence pays off when you're three. 

Incidentally, we tried the new Pizza Fusion at Metropolitan and gave it three big thumbs up.  They offer Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan options, plus most of their ingredients are organic, free-range, chemical free and whatever else you can think of.  Mexican Cokes, people.  None of that corn syrup junk.  They even brought us a complimentary gluten-free vegan brownie for dessert and it was mighty fine.  Sarah Beth definitely approved.

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