Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Overpass. {365 - Day 249}

Today was Sarah Beth's second day of school.  She was just as excited as she was on Day 1.  As we pulled into to the school parking lot, she said "We're back again??"  I said we sure are.  She then told me, "You can take me inside, then you leave and go see Daddy."  She appears to have this school thing down pat.

I left, as instructed by my 3 year old and went to the Y, then decided to go for a brisk walk towards downtown to see the sights of the DNC.  Not much to see, really, except lots of police, barricades, bomb sniffing dogs, and more police.  I think Charlotte may be the safest place on earth at the moment. 

Walking back towards the Y, I stopped to watch the light rail speed by towards Southend and snapped a picture.  I'm a sucker for leading lines.

Day 249 {iPhone + Photoshop}

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