Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Killing Time. {365 - Day 262}

I did a lot of that today.  Early morning hair appointment to fix up my "natural" red 'do.

Day 262 {iPhone + photoshop}

I cleverly scheduled a dentist appointment for this morning too, since the office is in the same building downtown as my salon.  Then I realized I had over an hour to kill, so...breakfast in the atrium.

After spending too much time at the dentist, I had to rush over to pick up my best girl from preschool.  Daddy was driving the car with her car seat but he was running late, so we sat on a bench and did a little more waiting. 

Fortunately, Kurt showed up soon because someone was worn out from school and needed a nap.

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  1. You found the secret to having SB take a nap! - CW