Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Artwork. {365 - Day 269}

Yesterday we had to do "homework" for Sarah Beth's preschool class.  Starting a little early in my opinion, but of course we complied.  We had to decorate a paper doll with whatever materials we had around the house.  I pulled out a big bin of foam stickers and SB created her masterpiece.

Tonight, Sarah Beth was excused from dinner early while Kurt and I finished our black beans and rice.  She was playing in the living room and it got quiet.  As you know, that usually means trouble.  We walked out and found that she had decorated the coffee table.  She proudly said, "Look!  My artwork!"  Apparently Mommy forgot to put away the bin of stickers.

Day 269 {Canon 5D}

It was actually kind of pretty.  I would have left it up for a while, but the temperamental artiste ripped it down and rolled all the stickers into a big ball.  Art is fleeting.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go upstairs and pick up 1000 pieces of heart and flower-shaped paper backing off the floor.

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