Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Third Time's a Charm. {365 - 165}

So yesterday's debacle was still fresh in our minds as we woke up this morning.  I had every intention of taking SB to the pool rather than attempt the lake again.  But then, she looked up at me with her big blue eyes brimming with hope and said "Not storming, Mama. Go to beach?"  She then hopped off the couch to wake up Daddy with the same question.  Next thing you know, we're piling in the car for the third trip to Lake Lure this week.  This time, the forecast was clear. 

We spent nearly an hour and a half at the beach before the black clouds of doom crept in over the mountains.  And she spent every single minute in the water.  They have some neat spraygrounds by the lake for kids.  She thought they were almost as cool as splashing around in the lake. 

Day 165 {Canon 5D + a little Photoshop}

Once the whistle blew and the thunder rolled in, we ran for cover and had lunch before heading back to Grandma's house to pack up and go back to Charlotte.  We dread the packing process, and always seem to get ready to go just in time to screw up dinner.  We are usually starving by the time we get home after the 2 hour drive with no desire to cook or go out.  This time was no exception, we decided to be "smart" and stop for a quick bite on the way but with dogs in the car we had to make it a picnic.  We ordered pizza from a spot downtown and sat on the courthouse steps while we waited. 

Our bellies were full but I'm not sure it was worth the nearly 10PM arrival time at home.  Bath and bedtime was quick and slightly tearful due to an overtired toddler.  Next time, we are leaving earlier, I swear.

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