Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunflower. {365 - Day 166}

The day after returning from a trip is always a mess, no matter how long or short the trip was.  Unpacking, mountains of laundry, and an empty fridge. Fun.  Luckily, we brought home a little sunshine to brighten our day.  We picked up this awesome sunflower at that cool shop we visited in Bat Cave.  You know, the one with the giant chicken.  It is now the only thing in our garden that we can't kill.  In fact, I think we could use it as a deadly weapon if we needed to defend ourselves.

Day 166 {Canon 5D}

The name of the shop is Slick Rock Country Emporium.  We took a few photos there because it's such a lovely little spot.  In addition to local crafts and jewelry, they sell eggs from their own chickens and vegetables from their gardens.  If you ever find yourself on Hwy 64 between Hendersonville and Bat Cave/Lake Lure, be sure to stop in and buy yourself a sunflower or some other fabulous find.  (We also found the perfect anniversary gift for my parents which we left at their house since it was kind of big.  I wonder if they'll sneak a peek or be good and wait a whole month to open it.)

How cute is this place? We chatted with the owner who said they were 
visiting the area years ago and just stayed.  I can totally understand why.

This is where the chickens live.  Those are some lucky chickens.  I bet their eggs are delicious.

The shop backs up to a beautiful little waterfall and stream.

Small blonde girl is not for sale.

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