Monday, June 25, 2012

Heart. {365 - Day 177}

Tonight was Kids Eat Free night at Showmar's, Sarah Beth's favorite restaurant.  No one felt like cooking, so off we went.  Part of the festivities included a balloon guy working the room.  He crafted animals, motorcycles and dolls from his colorful stash of balloons, but by far the most popular items were the balloon hats.  Sarah Beth was going bananas over them.  He started on the other side of the restaurant, so by the time he got to our table, she was standing on the seat bouncing up and down with excitement.  She told balloon guy that she wanted a hat and chose a heart instead of a flower.  Three minutes later...pure awesomeness.  She would have slept in it tonight had I let her.

Day 177 {Canon 5D Mark III + a smidge of Photoshop}

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