Friday, June 15, 2012

Interloper. {365 - Day 167}

I may have mentioned before that we have banished our two dogs to the basement.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  It's a walk-out, so they can go right out the door to romp in the backyard, or stay inside and watch squirrels out the window from the comfort of their own dog beds.  The reason for the excommunication is that they are not the best dogs around Sarah Beth.  The beagle, Savannah, has never gotten over being replaced as the apple of her Daddy's eye.  And Moose is just kind of neurotic.  It works out fine as we spend lots of time downstairs in our office spaces, and our old dogs don't have to hobble down the steps every time they need to go out.

Anyway, they are allowed upstairs sometimes after SB is asleep, or when she has gone crazy at mealtime and strewn food all over the kitchen floor.  That's when the Savannah Cleaning Crew is called up and they take care of cereal/rice/pasta etc with no complaints from them.

Today was a cereal day.  Sarah Beth got creative and a Kashi tornado hit all over the place.  Savannah cleaned up, and for some reason stuck around awhile.  Here she is, breaking the rules - upstairs AND on the furniture.  Bad dog.

Day 167 {iPad! + Photoshop}

P.S. It's my first iPad photo!  Usable photo, anyway.  I have about 150 photos of the top of Sarah Beth's head as she learned to operate the iPad camera. I'll spare you those!

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  1. I love this--and the black and white adds so much to it. Wish you lived closer! I'd have you take a portrait of my dog (she's getting up there in years, too...) xo