Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Advocate. {365 - Day 172}

I mentioned before that our dogs for the most part are banished to the lower level.  It's worked out for the best, but Sarah Beth wishes they were upstairs all the time.  Despite Savannah's disdain for SB and Moose's indifference, Sarah Beth loves her two mutts.  She is very gentle with them and harasses them minimally.  If they were normal dogs, they would love her for all the food she drops on the floor and attention she showers on them.  But they are weird and neurotic so they just don't get it.

Today, Moose slipped upstairs while Kurt was heading to the grocery store.  Sarah Beth put her hand on his back and begged us to let "Boose" as she calls him, stay upstairs.  Here she is pleading her case.  Between her big blue eyes and Moose's equally pleading puppy-dog eyes, we relented, and Moose spent some quality time upstairs with us.

Day 172 {iPhone + Photoshop}


  1. awwww, sweet. ummmm, why is SB wearing only a turtle neck on the hottest day of the year? i know there is a story here!

  2. Sarah Beth is hard to refuse for anything with that face and those eyes