Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dog. {365 - Day 179}

Today was a great day in that Sarah Beth got promoted to the next class in swimming.  This means that Mommy will no longer be required to get in the pool with her.  Yay!  Not that it hasn't been fun, but having to change both of us in and out of swimsuits every week was getting tedious.  Now, she will be in the Shiny Starfish class with the "big" 3 year olds. 

After swimming, I sat down at my desk to do a little work.  Someone was watching me, so I pulled out the camera.  You'd think having a black and white dog in a black and white chair would camouflage her doggy hair, but all the black hair shows up on the white parts and the white hair shows up on the black parts.  Lose-lose situation.  Next time I'm picking a monochromatic dog that blends in with my furniture.  No offense, Savannah.

Day 179 {Canon 5D Mark III + photoshop}

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