Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Misadventures. {365 - Day 164}

Oh boy.  The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Today we saw sunshine and decided to head down to Lake Lure so SB could splash around and enjoy the "beach."  We got there at lunchtime so we stopped to eat at a small spot on the river.  The food was decent and the view was amazing. 

Day 164 {Canon 5D}

 Afterwards, we strolled along the river a bit.

Sarah Beth decided to explore the deck of a shop along the river.  Kurt followed her up while I stayed below taking photos.  Just as I noticed the swarm of yellow jackets buzzing around a corner of the deck, I saw Kurt slapping his legs, then grabbing SB and running for the hills.  Uh oh.  Last time Kurt got stung, he had a bad reaction, so this was not good.  He got stung 3 times.  Thankfully, SB was ok, but we had to high-tail it to a drugstore to get some Benadryl for Kurt.    Lake Lure isn't exactly a thriving metropolis, so it took awhile to find a drugstore. We then sat at in the parking lot for close to an hour to make sure he wasn't going into anaphylactic shock.

Once we decided he was going to live, we headed back to the lake, paid our $16 beach fee, and strolled onto the beach.  We were there maybe three minutes and she had stuck 5 toes in the lake, when thunder rumbled in the distance and the "everybody out" whistle blew.  Seriously. 

So we packed up and headed to the car to wait out the storm.  After a while, we gave up and retreated back to Hendersonville.  Tomorrow, we're just staying at the pool.

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