Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making Friends. {365 - Day 176}

Sarah Beth loves playing with other kids.  Whether they like it or not.  She picks a kid, usually an older one, to follow around the playground until he or she either chooses to play with her or blows her off.  She never gets upset when she gets the brush off, usually just stares for a few seconds then shrugs her shoulders before running off to select her next playmate.  Today, she got lucky and found a nice little boy who was willing to entertain her for a little while.  He only spoke Spanish, but that didn't faze her.  She trailed him around the park until his dad called him to leave. It warms my heart when she finds a nice kid to play with.  It makes her so happy to meet new "buddies" as she calls them.  Here she is with her buddy, checking out the spraygrounds.

Day 176 {iPhone + Instagram}

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  1. she has the best heart. i love her so much, and her mom isn't half bad either! did you have any idea you were going to be so good at this mommy business??