Friday, June 29, 2012

Lunchdate. {365 - Day 181}

This morning we had a photo shoot in Winston-Salem.  Afterwards, we met my dear friend Ouida for lunch.  Ouida and I have been friends for at least 14 years.  She is the wittiest person I know and the most encouraging, supportive person I've met.   She's an awesome mom to Sarah Beth's pal Avery and a great photographer but she won't admit it. Yes, she is wearing a heavy sweater in 100 degree weather, but her office is cold.  Don't judge.  Thanks for a fun lunch date in Camel City, Ouida! 

Day 181 {iPhone + Instagram}

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  1. oh dear lord! you know how much i hate pictures of my UGLY mug! it was so awesome to see you! i really am over the moon proud of you!!! Seriously though, it is REALLY cold in my office and I didn't want to take time to run back and leave my sweater. i nearly died on the way back to the office. please don't ask me why i didn't just carry the darn thing. to that question I have no answer!