Saturday, June 23, 2012

Party Time. {365 - Day 175}

Today was our sweet neighbor Gavin's 2nd birthday party.  Gavin had the same exact due date as Sarah Beth, just one year later.  G was a few weeks early, and SB was a few weeks late so their birthdays are a month apart.  I'm glad G is first, so I can steal Gavin's Mommy's great birthday party ideas!  Gavin had lots of fun water toys to play with, a paint station, a spot to decorate fans with stickers, plus cake.  Toddler nirvana!  We had to drag SB home, but she didn't put up a fight about bedtime.  She will sleep well tonight!

Day 175 {iPhone + Instagram}

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  1. how fun! gotta love a good back yard party!