Friday, December 7, 2012

Shopping Cart Lady. {365 - Day 342}

Lately, Sarah Beth has become a little obsessed with her shopping cart.  She wheels it around everywhere, collecting random things along the way.  Current inventory includes:  one pink solo cup, photo album, my hair brush, a new pair of my tights, still in the packaging.  A stuffed reindeer, a Christmas ornament, a bag from the pharmacy containing 3 small stuffed animals.  2 toy catalogs, her jewelry box which holds a fun size bag of M&Ms and some chocolate Hanukkah gelt, and her swim goggles dangling from the side of the handle.

The cart goes where she goes.  Last night she woke up around 1:30.  I heard her get out of bed and take a sip of water.  Moments later, in she comes, pushing her shopping cart.  She parked it by my bed, placed her water cup on my nightstand and crawled in, making herself at home under the covers.  She pushes it in the bathroom when she has to go potty, parking it methodically to the side of the commode.  She is quite possessive of her cart and doesn't want me to go anywhere near it.  I tried to get a snapshot of it earlier and she stood in front of the camera, guarding it from the paparazzi.  I got smart and waited until she was in the bathtub tonight.  Slipped her cart into the hallway for a shot.  She protested and I had to move the cart back into its spot in the bathroom before a full-on mutiny ensued.  I hope if this is an indication of her future, it is as an avid shopper, not as a crazy shopping cart lady.

Day 342 {iPhone + photoshop}

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